Monday, July 4, 2011


Well the sim is closing and what a way to close than for the OQF owners to meet. When the six of us set out to do this it was about fun and friendship; had Jami and Wendy not been transatlantic they too would of been sat at our table drinking porn star martinis.

I can't even tell you how it happened but before you knew it a date was set. From that moment I felt slightly nauseous. I am not one for sentiment as you know readers but in essence I wanted them to like me. Pixels are pixels but those people we meet in SL as you grow close are a true reflection of the RL us. In principle I think I am liked in SL but RL is a another ball game.

So the day came when I had to stand at the rail station and wait for Evie. I saw about 5 Evies I thought. I have done blind dates with less nerves. I wore a red flower not as intention to be spotted well but because I am as girlie as SL. I was in a poppy skirt and the obligatory red shoes and there she was. We don't do hugs so it was a hiya and no eye contact. I just giggled all the way to the hotel. Then it was like we had always been friends. I see a different side to Evie more vulnerable if I wouldn't of married the chick, she was everything I hoped for chatty and well just my Evie. The hotel room said it all. Two chairs looking at a wall just fit for an Eric and Ernie sketch. Sitting in them drinking a bottle of wine and not even taking a breath as each breath would of replaced a word and that would of been a waste of a conversation! Those chairs were representative of sitting on the perch in OQF, where we would put the world to rights. Although in the middle of the night a screech from Evie "Eric is trapping my duvet" was somewhat disturbing, ha.

Then we went to meet Sam and Stav. We were late as I got lost as I am an exceptional halfwit and I wander; and I wandered one too many corners off the beaten track. Sam is too delightful for words. Cute as a button and as sweet as a sugary thingy. She is much more affectionate and welcomed us with open arms and a kiss. Stav of course wasn't there as like SL he would be late for his own funeral. That gave us chicks girl time and gossip. Sorry readers, not sharing!

Stav arrived and just like a sim meeting couldn't get a word in edge ways. He is gentle and kind and let us get on with it. When he spoke it was odd as I expected him to be spinning DJ requests. I constrained myself asking for Florence and the Machine.

It would of been easy to forget how we met as it was like we had known each other forever. Then in a bar it then reminded me of how we met. I felt I was sitting in Hyde. Random people standing around having fun then there he was. It was as though I had ordered a noob to commemorate our get together. There was no designated dancing spot but he was going hell for leather stuck in the same animation. He could definitely cover floor space quickly; had I known I would of hired him to wax on and wax off my wooden floors. The thing that just shouted noob was the back pack. There he was in a dancing animation with a back pack. He didn't ask for sex or a job but he was the epitome of those we set out to friend in SL as they start there journey. I don't think we were pissed enough to join in but the thought was there.

The night went on with cocktails, dancing, a jar of soy sauce up my leg and it was fun we all get on. I am sure we always will irrespective of what lies ahead.

When I started SL I didn't get it, if I am honest I still don't get it at times. However meeting the 3 people that I started a sim adventure with well it was truly lovely. For me I enjoyed their company and they were everything I hoped they would be. You will have to ask them what they thought of me, I have no doubt they think I am weird as they watched me keep putting money in a street entertainers box. One of those that stand for hours like a statue but smile when you pay them. As he blew a kiss every time he earned money, I thought aww that's just beautiful. Yes I am a halfwit but I don't care and after this weekend my name is still Beanie and not changed to Neveragain Resident.

One Quarter French Closing Event!!!

We do everything in style in One Quarter French....and that includes closing. So be prepared for our big closing event coming on Thursday 7th July.

First we will be at the Whirling Dervish for a 500 Linden contest and a mardi gras / carnivale theme from 12 - 2pm SLT with DJ Thom Macbain and host Wendlyn.

Then the party will move to Le Baiser Rouge where Eva Adored will be DJ for the big USO theme party from 2-5pm SLT so dig out your army uniforms and pin up chick gear for another 500 Linden prize

Finally you can dance out under the stars with DJ Noelle and host Yuisa at Cafe Du Monde from 6-8pm SLT with a Best in Stars & Stripes contest for yet another 500 Linden prize.

Wear as much or as little as you want - just come and hang out and help us say goodbye to our lovely little sim

Click the links below each for a landmark or watch the OQF group inworld for a reminder

Finally I would like to extend a massive thanks to Kyl Donogal for all his help in the sim and also in arranging this event.

Sad news for One Quarter French

The owners of the One Quarter French sim yesterday had to make the sad announcement that the sim was going to be closing.

When we first sat down all those months ago to decide what we were going to do and what (most importantly) we all wanted out of 'our sim' the general consensus was FUN. We didn't want to make piles of lindens or own an estate of sims.

We wanted somewhere relaxing, enjoyable and welcoming - and well, I believe we achieved that

However times move on and situations change - and some of the team found they were unable to be online as much due to their RL situation - and real life has always and will always be the most important thing of all.

I hope you will continue to follow this blog and that we will see you all around the grid still - I for one am moving back again to concentrate more on my voluntary work and of course being a big screen star.

So the curtain will fall on the sim but the main thing is - the friendships that started it all off still remain and actually have developed further - watch this space for an article on THAT to follow from Ickle Miss Beanie!!

So not goodbye - more like a bientôt!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Doctor Noob Premiere

Saturday in One Quarter French saw the Premiere of the much awaited SL film epic from BS Productions - Dr Noob.

This took Bunky Snowbear and myself about 7 weekends to film (him living upside down for some bizarre reason) and as almost the most fun I have ever had in SL to date.

Le Baiser Rouge was decorated with the customary red carpet and velvet ropes to hold back the paparazzi. Popcorn was fetched, gestures were muted and web wombats were kicked into action and so the show began.

A slightly green and sick looking Bunky waited with bated breath to get the crowds response...and phew they loved it.

The favourite scene was unanimously agreed to be 'the lift scene' and so the after-show party began

Fans queued up to have their photo taken with the star of the show James007 Resident aka Bunky and the paparazzi broke free and cameras flashed all over

Some photos for you of the fun...

Evie & Bunky wait nervously for the crowds

Evie in front of the big screen

Bunky & Evie pose for the paparazzi

One of the stars, Dana has her photo taken with Bunky

Bunky passes out with the pressure of stardom...or maybe one too many Martinis

Alec finally gets his photo taken with the star after a four hour queue and a flask of Bovril

If you missed out on the day then no panic - the full film will be up on Vimeo for another week

Dr. Noob from Bunky Snowbear on Vimeo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My definition......

love (luv) noun

deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons

Love is.... a short word...over in but a moment. Almost said before the meaning is computed. How do you define it?

Well me - I define it very carefully. I think it is a vastly over used yet undervalued word. How many times a day is it said out of habit or expectation rather than true meaning and feeling?

I tend to be judged as being cold, heartless, frosty - I know I have had them all said. I say this isn't true. I just hold my love, affection and adoration in a very closely guarded place and I only show it when I believe it is truly meant and deserved. I don't flutter it around me like losing tickets at the Grand National. But then, when I freely give it to someone- don't you think it means so much more?

Love for me is more than a word. Its loving someone despite their smelly socks, curry breath or morning fart habit. Its seeing the bad side and adoring them anyway. This is why Second Life love is so hard for me to there we only get the good bits so how can love be tested to be true?

That brings me onto my next subject....

com·mit·ment (-mənt) noun

a pledge or promise to do something

In order to love someone you have to be committed to them. But again - this seems to be something that is promised frequently and broken as often.

For me being committed to something or someone is putting the needs of that person or that task at the top of our list. Its something else that seems to have been lost in the throwaway society we live in. More frequently it's more like 'I am totally committed to you (unless it's too much hassle for me then I will go pick up some noob at a sex beach and pixel pork her)'

Often in Second Life I think people fall back on the notion that 'It's just a game don't take it so seriously' notion when they want to back out of a commitment. For me's only a game insofar as it's a crap load of fun. Otherwise every person is a human and has feelings and will be hurt when they are let down. So in my view...well I don't commit to anything I don't mean and fully intend to stick to.

Of course I know my views on love and commitment are not necessarily the SLers norm...I have to admit to feeling a bit of a freak on fact I often worry its leading me towards another definition of the word...

v. com·mit·ted, com·mit·ting, com·mits

To place officially in confinement or custody, as in a mental health facility.

Now thats more like me!! Fancy the share of a cuddle coat anyone?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who is this?

First person to
correctly guess, will be getting $200L !!

If your name is Evie, Bean, Stavros or Kyl, you are not elegible to enter this competition

The name is Bond......

As some of you may know I have been busily occupied these last few weeks making a new Second Life machinima film with Director extraordinaire Bunky Snowbear.

It is set to be a comedy spoof Bond with plenty of action...we have just realeased the trailer so click below to check it out and watch this space for details of the full release.